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Hear Sally talking about her 'reflections on inner peace' CDs

Peace is your natural state - but why is it not always felt? In her series of audio CDs explore with Sally what keeps us from feeling that peace all the time

... reflections on inner peace

In a clear, often humerous reflection on how the constant mind chatter keeps us feeling an underlying unease in our day to day lives Sally gives clear insights in to how to live a more effortless life

keep the peace - it is yours ... it is you! CD

Offering pointers on how to cope with sleeplessness, day to day stresses and anxiety in our noisy world, Sally helps you to see how much energy we give away each day. By regularly observing these patterns in yourself you really can begin to live a more peaceful life

CD cover

On the final track, Sally guides you into stillness to give you a taste of that peace which you can take away with you ... it is yours ... it is you!


  1. introduction
  2. what keeps us from peace?
  3. the channel hopping mind
  4. the history channel
  5. the fantasy channel
  6. the shopping channel
  7. the points of view channel
  8. the discovery channel
  9. guided stillness meditation


This first CD in the series is available for just £9.50 including post and packing


living with ease - uncover the peace within CD

This self-empowering CD takes you a step further into expanding the peace in your everyday life

CD cover

Sally offers clear guidelines and simple techniques to help you become more present and less run by the constant mind chatter. Living with Ease is not only possible but vital - right NOW!

So go on ... uncover the peace within!


  1. living with ease
  2. be here ... NOW
  3. stressful places?
  4. meditation in a moment
  5. finding the gaps
  6. the body stops ... the need to occupy the mind
  7. acceptance
  8. awakening to peace


Again, the cost is just £9.50 including post and packing



... audio CDs

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 keep the peace - it is yours ... it is you! CD  at £9.50 inc post/packing
 living with ease - uncover the peace within CD  at £9.50 inc post/packing


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