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Stress Management for Stressed Management ... and their Staff!

The cost of stress in your organisation may show up as high staff turnover, an increase in sickness absence, reduced work performance, poor time keeping and more customer complaints - but whichever way it manifests, stress costs your business money!


In a down to earth and humorous way, Sally helps you to observe how our mind's constant chattering keeps us feeling uneasy and prone to stress. This over-thinking can lead to anxiety, sleeplessness, stress and depression

Observing the mind's patterns of over-thinking is the first step to finding more peace. Sally offers clear guidelines and practical tips and techniques to help calm the mind and relax the body

It's not stress that kills us, it's our reaction to it
Hans Selye

Over time as Sally has run her Stop the Mind ... I want to get off! workshops, people have regularly commented on how valuable it would be to share that experience with work colleagues

Well now Sally is offering her wellbeing workshops in the workplace!

Please ring or Sally to discuss how your organisation could benefit!

workplace workshops

Available as a package to suit your company's needs, Sally is able to offer two hour talks and half or full day workshops incorporating healing and meditation:

  • option 1
    • Two Hour Workshop where Sally shares tips and techniques to find instant calm in day to day life
    • Maximum 30 people
  • option 2
    • Half Day Workshop. Learn to watch the mind's patterns of over-thinking and find new ways to bring instant calm into your day
    • Includes taster sessions of healing and meditation
    • Maximum 12 people
  • option 3
    • Full Day Workshop. Through an empowering blend of healing, meditation and learning to watch the constant mind chatter, Sally will guide you to help bring more peace into your life
    • Maximum 12 people
wellbeing days

As more and more employers are keen to promote wellbeing and stress management they invite complementary therapists to give taster sessions to their staff

Sally is happy to come to your Staff Wellbeing days to offer healing tasters or to deliver a workshop or talk - recently she has been offering tasters for Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and also for Leeds City Council

Please us if you would like Sally to join you on a Wellbeing Day at your organisation

meditation in schools

Having worked for many years as a Specialist Teaching Assistant and a Learning Mentor, Sally knows only too well the pressures that staff and students are under. Sally is very keen to introduce her 'Stop the Mind' work into schools - initially to work with staff, but in the longer term to encourage meditation to the students as a way of reducing stress

Imagine if we could begin to teach children at an early age to relax before they start any work so that it could become a part of their everyday life … so that they would have these techniques to help them in their adult life

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