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Below are a selection of some of the comments received from previous clients and customers. It's always very helpful to receive feedback, including constructive criticism!

If you'd like to offer some feedback, please Sally directly

Sally, I have certainly felt the benefit from the Quantum Touch!! My back felt amazing for the next 2 days. I could feel that wonderful feeling you get, like when you have a massage, all day long! I'm up and running again, able to exercise fully and feeling an increasing openness in my spine and strength in my core. Thank you very, very much!"
C from West Yorkshire
I found there is no need to escape to a paradise island for calm - it's inside! I would like to recommend anyone embarking on an inner Journey of Seeking!! to first experience a telephone session with Sally. I wish I had before I had read every self-help and spiritual book ever written!, all showing me their ways and many techniques to practice, which actually left me feeling more confused than when I began (sound familiar to anyone?)"
"I started the session pretty tense and locked up, but within no time at all Sally guided me to my very own gentle experience inside which gave me instant calm and a feeling of opening. 'No fireworks' as she says, it's not as complicated as my mind had 'imagined'. Just being here with my own experience is empowering. No book had given me this direct feeling of realisation. I really am not in any book!! The one on one connection is so quick and Sally shares her experiences. She has helped me choose to reframe my words to create a much more accepting attitude to the sensations and feelings I feared. I am enjoying being here again in my very own skin! Thank you Sally - you have a gift - thank you for sharing it"
J from Yorkshire
It would be difficult to put into two lines just how much your emails have meant to me. Before I found you I knew that something wonderful was happening, wasn't sure quite what, started reading the books and meditating and I turned to a friend who I knew was a spiritual person and we talked a few times, but then she said that she couldn't help me and said I should look for someone who would understand. I have read that when the time is right, the right person will come into your life and then I found your website and I am so so grateful that I emailed you"
"The last two and a half years have been the most wonderful and scary rollercoaster of my life and without you to keep me steady over the last few months, don't know where I would be, I was at a bit of a low point in the summer when my other friend sort of turned me away, didn't know where to go but since your emails feel that my understanding and the feeling of peace and being present have deepened and strengthened - you have done exactly what you said - kept me centred amidst the confusion and your words have brought me back to stillness and the present moment, no matter what the mind has thrown in my way"
B from York
Sally really embodies the peaceful presence that so many of us are looking for. One gets the impression that she lives her beliefs, that she walks the walk, as well as talks the talk, and she gives an impression of total sincerity which inspires a feeling of faith, trust and confidence. She exudes presence, peace, harmony, and calm. Her whole physical presence is congruent in this respect ie the way she speaks, the tone, speed, volume etc; the way she moves, very gracefully and calmly; the way she pauses and reflects before answering a question; the expressions on her face, calm, peaceful, joyful, empathetic yet very real at the same time - not a pretence, not cultivated, but very natural; her open, loving, accepting, non-judgemental eye contact and embrace"
C from Yorkshire
You definitely have something special. I didn't notice it for a while because it is almost something quiet that you don't boast about. It is like a quiet but influencing presence. I only have to think of your smile and it instantly makes me smile. Keep up the good work"
G from Sydney, Australia
Wild Flowers
Thank you for your guidance, love and shining light - it is very much appreciated and has really helped us along the way. We pray your group and spiritual work continues to grow"
"Much love God bless you"
A & P from North Yorkshire
Thank you for a wonderful day and for your amazing healing. You are very inspirational, insightful and a joy to listen to, thank you"
A from Devon
Thank you very much indeed Sally. It was a very special day and I hope we meet up again before too long"
A from North Yorkshire
You shared one particular tip to stop the mind chatter that I love. It has stuck with me constantly and I use it all the time! It's ace and really worked and I have passed the message to so many other people too!"
A from South Yorkshire
It was good to see you yesterday and I am completely grateful for your assistance in increasing my awareness of myself. I found your workshop friendly and comforting and enjoyed everything about it. I continue to heal day by day and thank you for all of your assistance in helping me realise my potential"
"Thankyou for your insightful perspective and continued hard work in achieving your goals. You have truly inspired mine"
C from Leeds
A bit belated but a HUGE THANKYOU for Saturday. What a fabulous day, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I'm so pleased to have met you"
C from Leeds
Sally is a gifted and intuitive healer, guide and coach and always brings a sense of deep peace and lightness, along with a good dollop of humour to all her workshops. Sally's workshops are always informative, re-energising and deeply peaceful at the same time. I have attended several of Sally's workshops and can highly recommend them, always taking home new techniques for regaining energy and reclaiming peace, along with meeting like-minded people. I have also been on one of Sally's retreats in Sandsend, truly amazing, I felt such deep peace, I floated home ... mindfully of course!"
C from West Yorkshire
I have been to four of Sally's workshops now and each one has deepened the stillness gained from the previous. My partner has also been with me and has gone from feeling uncomfortable and fearful of the whole "spiritual thing" to absolutely loving and embracing it all - in a large part due to Sally. I do feel that Sally's work has huge potential and that there is a massive audience out there who would benefit from her words. Sally's down to earth and humorous approach makes me sure that she will be able to reach those people most in need and therefore maybe hardest to reach, and so make a real difference in people's lives"
F from Durham
Hi Sally, I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. I really enjoyed the day. You have an amazing presence xxx"
G from Leeds
I really enjoyed the workshop, the group, the healing, the lunch, your talks. There was something magical about the whole day. I would love to come to the next workshop Sally. Please count me in"
G from Leeds
I felt as if I was in a little oasis in the middle of Leeds"
H from Lancashire
Just like to say a big thank you again for today. It was a brilliant day - loads of positive energy and bags of information. I learnt so much today and I am very grateful for the opportunity. Loved the healing, now that was something special"
"Thanks again Sally and keep up the fantastic work"
J from Lancashire
I enjoyed yesterday's gathering, it's always nice to be with like minded people and to be able to share some thoughts with you. Also, I love the peace, tranquillity and positive energy of these events. Thank you!!"
J from Leeds
Just to send a heartfelt thank you for arranging the workshop and for working so generously with us all. It was lovely to be part of the group and to experience the day, which was very special"
M from Bradford
Thanks for your inspirational energy, kindness and warmth at the workshop yesterday. It was a lovely group and I enjoyed meeting everyone on the day. There seemed to be a very supportive energy throughout the day. I especially enjoyed the ways in which you conveyed the principles of being in the now through examples from everyday life that we could relate to. The walking meditation and the trip to the garden was also a good way to raise our energies after lunch"
M from Leeds
Thank you Sally so very much for your email and a big thank you for the lovely day I had on Saturday. What a calming and beautiful day it was: left me with such a peace and joy inside me"
R from Lancashire
May 2009: Sandsend Beach
Just a note to thank you so much for your lovely weekend, I was spellbound with the CD's of Eckhart and hung on every word which made perfect and complete sense to us both. Also your healing I felt as a channel of pure love, it was very moving and uplifted me enormously so that after such a day we were walking on air on the way to the bus"
A from North Yorkshire
You certainly found a beautiful place with excellent food and I would certainly like to come again and would encourage others to do the same. I have already put the April dates into my diary!"
C from Devon
Thank you for a truly wonderful day. You are inspiring and your workshop will help me through a very tough time"
D from Harrogate
Thank you for a wonderful weekend which has had a lasting positive effect ..."
K from Greater Manchester
I really enjoyed the weekend, the setting and group members were lovely and I thank you for your teaching, gentle kindness and generous nature. I can honestly say that by the end of the Retreat I felt focused, happy and lighter in spirit. Not only that, I came away with some new friends too. Back of the net!"
L from North Yorkshire
I found your retreat truly inspirational and have remained in a much quieter space even now! So yes, a big well done to you and a great big thank you for all your effort in putting together such a wonderful weekend!"
M from West Yorkshire
I attended the May 2022 peaceNOWhere retreat and I can say I have returned home with a deeper sense of peace and who I am. It was lovely to be in the presence of people with the same love for Eckharts teachings and I really enjoyed the time we spent together, thank you Sally for making this happen"
S from Nottingham
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for a great day today. I have come away feeling so inspired. It was a wonderful experience and I am so glad I came"
T from Harrogate
audio CDs
Aspen Tree
I could sense immediately from the first few words of your CD that your ability to watch thought is flowering. You have the most vital ingrediant for a spiritual speaker which is the presence of silence between and behind the spoken word. The simple TV Channel structure works for you very well... best wishes with this"
D from Glasgow
You don't come across as preachy - just like a normal person, which is the point of the CD to me. I can really relate to everything you say, all the way through I kept saying 'That's me, I do that' - it was wonderful to hear someone who sounded as normal as me giving clear and practical advice about how to live a more peaceful life, and examples of everyday situations where you can actually apply the techniques and see that they do work, as opposed to many spiritual books which just describe the so-called 'ideal state'"
"For me, the CD has the wonderful quality of delivering radical truths in a humorous and down-to-earth way - that certain 'Victoria Wood' quality"
E from Northumberland
Just had to let you know how much I enjoyed your CD. I was expecting it to be good, but I found it just amazing! It should be compulsory listening throughout the UK at the moment to allow everyone to get things (like the credit crunch!) into perspective"
S from Glasgow
I purchased Sally's Keep the Peace (it is yours, it is you) CD . One thing that Sally and I have in common is that we love to share deep wisdom in clear and simple down to earth ways. I loved how Sally has woven what some would term deeply spiritual into plain English. Sally shares the mysteries of self talk and clarifies how it can impact on our lives using the wonderful metaphor of a TV remote control..."
T from Yorkshire
energ-eased CDs
energeased CD
Sally, thanks for the CD, I absolutely love it, just what I need, nice and simple exercises with great advice, definitely recommending it to anyone who will listen "
C from Leeds
I just love your Energ-eased CDs. I ordered the three pack and got my family using the CDs. Great for relaxing my children before bed time and I love using the meditations anywhere. One of my favourites is the tree meditation and now I can wait patiently and even enjoy waiting in a post office or supermarket queue"
"Love the non-intrusive background music and the balanced and calm voices of the two narrators. I wish I could listen to them in a car, perhaps you can create something non drowsy and uplifting for car journeys?"
M from Hull
Ilkley Festival
B from Leeds
I just wanted to say thank you for the workshop yesterday at Ilkley - I really enjoyed it and have been inspired to pick up The Power of Now again. Sending love, light, blessings and gratitude"
C from Leeds
We enjoyed your presentations immensely. You have a natural gift and I enjoyed the whole weekend - it was hugely uplifting"
J from Bradford
Thank you so much for the handouts and for the wonderful workshop on Saturday. It spurred both my friend and I to look for our copies of The Power of Now, which we both had bought but not yet read. I look forward to reading the handouts and putting into action your helpful tips. We go to Ilkley every Spring and Autumn so hopefully we'll be at future workshops you do there as well"
L from Leeds
Sally, thanks to you and Eckhart Tolle, I have a magical sentence that stops my mind rambling on and catastrophising. It's fabulous! I also love the Energ-eased CD tracks. I love raising my energy and being in a bubble separating me from energy drainers while seeing them in their loving bubbles"
"I'm glad I came to see you at Ilkley. Take care and much gratitude to you "
S from Leeds
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