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Sally offers holistic treatments for the body, mind and spirit


Working with the principle that illness, whether it is physical or stress related (such as depression) is dis-ease. Much of Sally's one to one healing work involves helping to remove blockages in the body's energy system, balancing this system and stimulating the body's own healing abilities

Realising just how much our thoughts and emotions impact upon our physical health is such a vital step on the road to healing

Sally's ethos is that the one to one treatment session is just the first step. Sally works with her clients to help them feel empowered to take charge of their own healing by looking at just what it is that keeps them in a state of dis-ease. In this way the client takes charge of their life again as they begin to observe patterns in themselves which keep them from feeling peaceful

Emotion always has its roots in the unconscious and manifests itself in the body
Irene Claremont de Castillejo

Often it is simply by becoming aware of how the constantly chattering mind affects so much of our life and causes what we know of as stress

Sally's view is ...

... it's not just a woman's prerogative to 'change your mind'!!

Sally has worked with conditions such as depression and anxiety, arthritis and stress related tension, migraines, cancer, fears, phobias and many more

As an intuitive healer, Sally will work with you and tailor the treatment to suit your own individual needs. This may involve just one of the techniques explained on these pages or a combination of two or more

Please contact Sally either by or through the contact page for more details or to arrange an appointment. You can either pay by cash or cheque when the treatment takes place, or by credit card or PayPal (in GBP only) online using the form below and the shopping basket

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If you wish to pre-pay for a treatment session, or if post-treatment online payment has been agreed, please select the relevant options from the drop down boxes and type the amount in the 'to pay' box


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In addition to her private clients, Sally volunteers at the following organisations:

  • Leeds Healing Centre
  • Natural Healing Centre
  • The Marigold Wellbeing Centre (formerly The Yorkshire Cancer Help Centre)

Details of these charitable organisations can be found on the spiritual healing page

Healing is not intended as a substitute for orthodox medical treatment but is complementary to it. If you have a medical problem, you should continue to consult your doctor

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